【Press Release】CAC Croit Improved Efficiency and Quality in Drug Development with Artificial Intelligence

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Cost reductions by implementing deep learning technology for literature reviews and MedDRA searches

Tokyo, December 4 2018 – CAC Croit Corporation announced that it had successfully achieved a significant improvement in business efficiency and quality by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for literature reviews and MedDRA* searches conducted in pharmacovigilance (PV) operations.

CAC Croit was contracted to collect information on and investigate drugs and diseases. CAC Croit faced challenges in that there were variations in PV staff expertise, project rules, working speed, and results of literature reviews.

To reduce these variations, CAC Croit has built its system to improve efficiency and quality in PV operations by digitalizing expertise of our experts as training data with “deep learning technology”, instead of using simple keyword matching or regular expressions. CAC Croit has recently started putting this system into use for its PV operations.


*Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities

Benefits of AI Implementation

  • Ability to infer MedDRA terms from arbitrary terms
  • Ability to infer literature review results to be entered into literature evaluation sheets
  • Less variations in literature review results
  • Save time and reduce costs for literature reviews
  • Streamline quality control processes by analyzing accumulated data

Future Plan

CAC Croit has been digitalizing and improving business efficiency by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into its PV operations. CAC Croit will continue to act on its ambitions to cut costs for new drug development for pharmaceutical companies and to increase business efficiency by implementing new technologies such as AI for clinical development activities.