【Press Release】Shionogi Participates in CAC Croit’s “QualityLead” Program

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A compound library-sharing program to support innovative “All Japan” drug discovery

CAC Croit announced the conclusion of an outsourcing agreement on compound library* management and plate production with Shionogi & Co., Ltd (Shionogi) under the QualityLead program.

In the QualityLead program, CAC Croit will provide a platform for integrated management of compound libraries from pharmaceutical companies, from library management through to plate production, for drug discovery research. This will help to reduce compound management costs for the pharmaceutical companies.

CAC Croit aims to establish this compound library-sharing platform and offer it to pharmaceutical companies, academia and bio-venture companies.

Through this agreement, CAC Croit will manage compound libraries and produce plates for HTS** on behalf of Shionogi. Furthermore, Shionogi intends to give positive consideration to the sharing of compound library-sharing platform that the QualityLead program aspires to establish in the future.

The platform project in the QualityLead program was selected as one of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)’s Cycle Innovation for Clinical Empowerment (CiCLE) programs in January 2018.


* Compound library: A group of compounds owned and managed by a pharmaceutical company
** HTS (High Throughput Screening): Starting step of the drug discovery process to identify the compound (hit compound) from the compound library with the highest affinity with the target molecule

Statement from Shionogi regarding this agreement

“Recently, the method of identification of a hit compound has become very diverse in small molecule drug discovery, and accordingly, it has become important to establish a system to manage and utilize compound libraries more flexibly. Shionogi intends to improve the productivity of its research and development by more efficient management of compound libraries through participation in the QualityLead program. “

Benefits of QualityLead program

  • No need for pharmaceutical companies to individually manage compounds. This will significantly reduce capital investment and fixed costs, and enhance productivity of industry-wide R&D.
  • The use of the compound library-sharing platform by pharmaceutical and bio-venture companies will help to expand the potential of innovative drug discovery.
  • Academia can easily access corporate libraries. Matching academia’s drug discovery seeds with pharmaceutical companies’ needs increases opportunities to accelerate drug discovery.
  • By building a database from shared compound information, researchers can utilize the database for data mining and lead to the success of artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery.

About QualityLead

In the past, compound libraries had been considered too valuable an asset to be shared outside of each pharmaceutical company. In recent years, the same companies have started sharing their libraries, but have only been able to share limited items due to facing obstacles in that different companies utilize different management systems, equipment and methods. For these reasons, CAC Croit, recognized as a pioneer in CRO and IT integration, started the QualityLead program to offer compound library management and automated storage systems, and to deliver an integrated service from library management through to plate production. CAC Croit thus facilitates the sharing of compound libraries between pharmaceutical companies, academia, and bio-venture companies.


About QualityLead