Pharmacovigilance Workflow Management: zenflow

Overview of zenflow components

zenflow PV

The system centrally manages information from processes and communications across multiple PV service sites to easily monitor progress status.

On the progress status screen, cases with upcoming deadlines are emphasized using different colors to prevent work delay.This enables you to manage deadlines more efficiently.


Progress status screen

zenflow MR/CC

The system facilitates efficient PV service communications between the medical representatives (MR)/ contact center (CC) and the PV department, from the initial AE report until the end of the survey.

You can submit a detailed AE report in PDF form from any device if you have access to your internal network.

AE report entry form


Attachment files list screen

zenflow Literature

The system centrally manages documents and processes to achieve paperless and efficient operations in literature management.

Search results in CSV and PDF formats received from vendors are imported and processed as AE intake.

Publication data (selective dissemination of information) import screen

zenflow Delivery

The system efficiently provides partner companies and other companies with information categorized by product or study.

Key benefits of zenflow

1. Prevention of work oversights and delays

  • Share work progress status at multiple sites in real time
  • Effective deadline management by prioritizing display of cases closer to the time limit

2. Improvement of work efficiency

  • Centrally manage information generated at each process
  • Allow multiple users to enter data at the same time
  • Faxing unrequired. Enter AE reports from anywhere
  • Reduce costs and prevent information leaks by going paperless

3. Improvement of data reliability

  • Reduce data entry errors and file corruption
  • Strengthen support for compliance/inspections of PV operations
  • Shorten time lag between obtaining information and reporting

4. Synergy of CROxIT

  • Achieve maximum effectiveness by providing both business and system support for PV operations.
  • Revise processes from the perspective of operational staff to enable quick system implementation.