Drug Discovery & Non-clinical

QualityLead(Sample/Reagent Management,Compound libraries)

In the QualityLead program, EP Croit will provide a platform for integrated management of compound libraries from pharmaceutical companies, from library management through to plate production, for drug discovery research.

SEND dataset creation service

Ensure accurate and timely creation and verification of SEND datasets and Define.xml. We can also provide you with support for preparation of the Nonclinical Study Data Reviewer’s Guide.

EXSUS – Statistical analysis system for biological experiment data

It covers statistical methods in non-clinical trials.

DSIMS (NSDS/SWP/ToxVision) – SEND data conversion solution

DSIMS is our fully integrated solutions to prepare and convert nonclinical study data into CDISC SEND datasets. Using this system, you can assess SEND datasets in the same way the FDA does.