QualityLead(Sample/Reagent Management,Compound libraries)

QualityLead Program

In the QualityLead program, EP Croit will provide a platform for integrated management of compound libraries from pharmaceutical companies, from library management through to plate production, for drug discovery research. This will help to reduce compound management costs in large capital investments and maintenance fees for the pharmaceutical companies. By establishing this compound library-sharing platform and offering it to pharmaceutical companies, academia and bio-venture companies, EP Croit will strengthen industry-industry and industry-government-academia collaboration, hence also enhancing the “All Japan” drug discovery systems to develop innovative Japanese drugs.

Benefits of QualityLead program

  • No need for pharmaceutical companies to individually manage compounds. This will significantly reduce capital investment and fixed costs, and enhance productivity of industry-wide R&D.
  • The use of the compound library-sharing platform by pharmaceutical and bio-venture companies will help to expand the potential of innovative drug discovery.
  • Academia can easily access corporate libraries. Matching academia’s drug discovery seeds with pharmaceutical companies’ needs increases opportunities to accelerate drug discovery.
  • By building a database from shared compound information, researchers can utilize the database for data mining and lead to the success of artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery.

Future Plans

EP Croit intends to increase the number of companies sharing compounds and develop new services in order to accelerate innovative Japanese drug discovery utilizing the QualityLead program.
Through these activities, EP Croit will contribute to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry through innovation to improve the efficiency of drug discovery by combining our skills in IT and the CRO industry.