Patient Enrollment/Allocation

EP Croit has been refining patient enrollment and allocation services since 1997. We work with web and fax submissions for both clinical trials and postmarketing surveillance.


  • Patient enrollment specialists
    • Trained to handle the entire process, from receiving initial forms through to efficiently reporting on results.
  • Receipt of enrollment forms
    • We can receive and manage enrollment forms by fax, online forms and over the phone.
  • Input of patient information into the case enrollment system
  • Protocol-based eligibility assessment
  • All patient data is checked by at least two trained staff.
  • Reporting
    • Enrollment results, progress, as well as missing and inconsistent data reports.
  • Notifications for end and resumption of enrollment by cohort
  • 24-hour enrollment service
    • We can ensure enrollment at the convenience of your customers through use of an IWRS (Interactive Web Response System).
  • Extensive minimization, weighting, and dynamic allocation experience
  • Dynamic or static allocation of items such as administration groups and drug identification numbers
  • Custom methods and systems which meet your requirements
  • Helpdesk to handle inquiries from sites