Investigational Product Packaging and Labeling

EP Croit offers a full range of services to maximize efficiency of enrollment center operations, including:

  • Allocation table generation
  • Investigational product packaging and labeling
  • Emergency code storage and breakage management
  • Dynamic allocation
  • Instructions for investigational product deliveries
  • Support for a variety of trial designs



  • Skilled staff suggest customized packaging and labeling solutions.
  • Linking to our related services and systems

Efficient processing

  • Efficient packaging and labeling of large quantities of investigational products using custom methods.

Specific storage requirements

  • Empirical methods for packaging and labeling of investigational products that have specific storage requirements including freezing temperatures.


  • Creation of a unified SOP for packaging and labeling of investigational products
  • Generation and storage of allocation tables
  • Emergency code generation (including scratch-off labels and code break envelopes)
  • 24-hour management of emergency codes
  • Verifying indistinguishability between investigational and placebo products
  • Code-breaking service

Case study

Work volume 4,000 investigational product boxes.
Each box included 5 blister sheets.
28,000 labels total.
1 product number label and 1 sealing label for each box, 5 product number labels for each blister sheet.
Result 17 people worked on this project for 11 hours.
(For 2 of the 11 hours, the customer checked the sealing of all boxes as per their request.)