Business consulting・IT consulting・Professional support

Our consultants listen carefully to your needs and work with you to come up with solutions that take your business to the next level.

If consulting is taken too far, it runs the risk of straying from reality, leaning too heavily toward either total or individual approaches, and failing to offer practical solutions. But our consulting is different. We first work to understand the essence of your needs taking your environment, background, corporate culture, and incentives into consideration. Then we look at all issues involved in management, operations and IT systems, and propose an optimized scenario. This approach is how we support your needs by delivering results designed to best leverage your competitive strengths.

Envisions client management issues and promotes simultaneous solutions through both total optimization and sub-optimization Approaches business efficiency and quality enhancement with ideas and techniques focusing on feasibility and effectiveness Provides flexible design envisioning the whole IT system, from design and development to implementation, operation and maintenance

Some of Our Consulting Team Members

Executive consultant A

Leverages extensive real-world experience in research, development, regulatory, academic, MR and IT; currently active as a pharmaceutical R&D consultant.

Executive consultant B

Involved in bringing numerous drugs to market, with abundant experience in safety management and risk control. Leads the industry in RMP implementation and contributes to its development.

Executive consultant C

Experienced in statistical and DM work with 32 years at a Japan-based pharmaceutical company. Also promotes EDC implementation and use in business. Currently active as a DM work consultant.

Senior consultant D

Offers robust support in drug safety, pharmacovigilance and risk management with sharp, wide-ranging insight gained through consulting across multiple industries.

Senior consultant E

Well-versed in multi-workplace processes and work flows through involvement as a systems engineer in system development, integration, and management in multiple industries. Consulting based on this wide-ranging experience has earned praise in pharmaceuticals as well as service, equipment, and telecom.

Senior consultant F

Over 15 years’ experience in consulting for the pharmaceutical industry; depended on by companies preparing for “what-if” scenarios with strengths in BCP creation, training, and implementation support.