【Announcement】CAC EXICARE and clinical trust will be merged into a new company, CAC Croit Corporation

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On April 1, 2016, CAC EXICARE Corporation and clinical trust Co. Ltd. will be merged to take a new step forward as CAC Croit Corporation.

Pharmaceutical companies are undergoing dramatic changes, including further efficiency of new drug development, an increase in global clinical trials, diversification and multilateralization of clinical studies, and enhancement of safety measures. The Contract Research Organization (CRO) market is expanding gradually in response to these trends. At the same time, CROs are required to have abilities to respond to globalization and to provide wide range of services.

CAC EXICARE and clinical trust decided the merger to respond to these changes.

CAC EXICARE provides support services right from non-clinical study to post-marketing activity including pharmacovigilance, by leveraging the power of IT. clinical trust offers great benefits especially in monitoring through their high level of know-how. The two companies now become fully integrated to provide one-stop services to support drug development as CAC Croit.

Our desire is to help deliver safe and good-quality new drugs to patients as early as possible. What we can do in order to achieve it is “CRO × IT,” which means that we offer sophisticated services by integrating our CRO services and excellent IT.

Our desire is reflected on the company name as “CROIT”* derived from “CRO” and “IT.” CAC Croit Corporation will strive to achieve the aim by integrating two companies’ strength and resources. We look forward to even better relations with you in the future.

All you need is CRO IT

* “CROIT” means “to trust” in French. The name represents our desire to build a trust bond between patients and people in the healthcare domain with pharmaceutical companies.

January 29, 2016
CAC EXICARE Corporation
President & CEO Hisashi Takahashi